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Our mission is to support USDB in building an unparalleled support system and enhancing the educational experience for Utah children who are deaf, blind, or deaf-blind through relationships with key business and community partnerships.

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Our Initiatives

Young toddler girl with a cane is assisted by two women

For Families

  • Hearing aids and repair supplies based on need
  • Eyeglasses, magnification devices, and white canes based on need
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Girl stands on top of red rocks holding a white cane over her head

Outdoor Family Learning Center

  • Families learn together from highly specialized professionals in deaf, blind, or deaf-blind education
  • Building a network of parents with similar deaf or blind children makes a world of difference
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Four young students wearing graduation caps

Educational Opportunities

  • Building confident and capable adults
  • Scholarships for Educational Opportunities
  • Study Abroad
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What we're working towards

Map graphic of Outdoor Learning Center

Outdoor Learning Center

Our mission for the center is to provide a space for families to learn together from highly specialized professionals in deaf, blind, and deaf-blind education and to help parents of deaf or blind children build a network of support.

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